You’re here because you are looking for a sexy buddy or friend with benefits! You want to have casual sex with beautiful, like minded women who don’t want a serious relationship! You’re tired of pleasuring yourself while staring glazed eyed at another free porno tube site, or making another withdrawal from the spank bank. And its time to face the cold hard facts, you are to defeated to go out AGAIN and unsuccessfully snag the hottie ordering her twelfth drink at the bar hoping she might be willing to mutually enjoy some pleasure. Only to end up, turning to the average one in the corner. With all this wasted energy and rejection you finally turn to the internet, searching terms like “looking for sex buddies” or “meet friends with benefits”, hoping Google has the answer to your problems

Firstly its good to know that having a Friend with Benefits is very accepted by men and women in this modern and hedonistic world, and so many people are willing to be in casual sex based relationships, you have no idea! There’s even a blockbuster movie called Friends with Benefits, among many others that portray Hollywood super stars living through various sex buddy scenarios, and if they can do it, so could I right? As I found out, there’s a big difference to watching it evolve in movies, and hearing about it going on around you, to actually rocking one of those relationships! So how did I go from getting virtually no sex, to getting a real life friend with all the benefits? How did I meet these women without running into all the ones who are looking for a full-on relationship? What are the best sex buddy sites on the web? Here at I will show you how I did it, and teach you all the proven tactics and strategies that are GUARANTEED TO WORK! I will show you have to get off your couch and into your bed with someone actually laying next to you, or better yet on top of you, in a really short amount of time!
Maybe you just don’t know what your doing! There’s nothing wrong with firstly admitting that too yourself! That’s what was going on with me, and it took me a while to figure it out! And secondly accepting the help that I offer you. If you choose to continue reading and therefore ultimately overcoming the reasons why you arn’t getting the sex you want, you will get results. No matter how hard it’s been for you to meet a sex buddy or friend with benefits in the past, those days are over now that your here at
As it turns out, women love sex just as much as men, and are seeking no strings attached hot sex from men who don’t want to commit to a relationship or put a ring on it.
This site wants you to get laid, and it helpfully takes all the guess work out of the situation by providing you with bullet proof tactics and strategies for finding and maintaining no strings attached relationships. Everything you will learn on this website has come from years of practice, plenty of rejections with a few unwitting wins, and a lot of research. And then finally win, win, win, over and over again! Each strategy in our 7 step guide has been proven to work time after time, and the casual dating sites we recommend, carry a success rate of over 90%!
By providing you with a list of tested sex buddy social network websites where women are ready to meet someone to start a fling with, we are giving you an advantage above the others who haven’t found this site yet and are no doubt wandering aimlessly around the net for hours, signing up to the rip offs and scams and are basically unarmed for the task at hand, because even if they make it to a legit site and start browsing around, they don’t have a clue how to lure these babes in and get them to accept a date, and you will. Yes its that easy. You don’t have to be gods gift to women with a golden six pack and big pecks, these women are looking for normal guys , you just need a plan to find, meet, and hookup with them.

7 Step Guide To Meeting & Maintaining A Sex Buddy

Step 1 – *TOP PRIORITY! Learn how to properly use sex buddy sites, and avoid the scams!

So, you’ve decided to find yourself a friend who will provide benefits like sex! There are plenty of Sex buddy networks, or casual sex dating websites (as they are more commonly called) out there who say they will connect you with sexy locals looking to hookup, but how can you be sure that your on […]

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Step 2 – Write a killer profile geared at meeting friends with benefits

Writing a profile that rocks is the key to hooking up with a sex buddy. They (the girls trolling your profile) haven’t met you in person and can only see the pics you have supplied and bio you filled out. That is not a lot to go on, so it has to make an impact. […]

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Step 3 – Foolproof Strategy Use Multiple Sex Buddy Sites

The key to successfully hooking up and ultimately finding a sex buddy or 4, is putting yourself out there in as many reputable sex buddy Sites as you can. If you limit yourself to one or two sites to find girls to have sex with on the reg, then your chances are going to be […]

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Step 4 – Learn how to spot escorts, porn stars and fake profiles!

If you wanted an escort, you’d hire one right? Getting done over by an escort on a sex buddy site while your perusing potential ladies, with the ultimate goal of getting into a Friends with Benefits relationship can and will happen if you don’t have your wits about you! Escorts and Porn Stars are just […]

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Step 5 – Spotting Women that are seeking a friend with benefits – not a boyfriend.

There are all sorts of women looking to hook up for a variety of reasons on casual dating and sex buddy sites. Spotting the ones that want a “friend with benefits” and not a boyfriend isn’t as easy as you think.   Reasons Woman Join Sex Buddy Sites Being single for too long These woman […]

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Step 6 – How to Write an email that gets a 90% response rate!

Okay, so you’ve come to the part where you need to write an email/message to entice the lovely ladies that could be your potential sex buddy. You’ve got your short list sorted and need some advice on getting your initial contact right, ensuring you get a response. We will show you how to do this, […]

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Step 7 – Now that you’ve got her, Friends with Benefits: Top 10 Relationship Rules

So, you’ve managed to get what you want! A girl that wants to have sex with you, and you want to make it a regular thing! Getting this kind of arrangement (commonly known as Friends with Benefits) to run smoothly, needs some work on your part and hers to not get it all twisted up, […]

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