Saucy Dates Review

Saucy Dates ReviewWhat makes this casual dating website stand out against all the others in the lower echelon of dating sites, is that it is completely free. That’s right – you pay no money EVER to use this site and try and find a hook up and eventually a sex buddy. They even brag about not having anywhere that you can fill out your CC details. But this is where the problem lies.

This site is a bit of a free for all, literally! There is so many different people looking for so many different things its hard to determine who is looking for the same thing you are, and who isn’t. By allowing visitors to send, read and reply all for free, as well as conduct local searches, fill out a saucy survey and keep track of the people they like – it has attracted a lot of undesirable people, fakes, and scammers. Despite the monitoring systems they have in place to catch these people, they flock to this site in droves, trying to mess you around and get you to pay for services, or win you over to another site that costs money to join.

That’s right – this site has to be funded by something. They cover costs by having a shit load of advertisements for a heap of other sites like Porn, Webcam shows and other groady services that your not interested in. No I don’t want to purchase a dildo, I have a dick of my very own that isn’t getting used. I def don’t want to bring in something the size of my forearm that has seven different levels of speed and vibrations and has a rotating head that looks like Carrie in the throws of exorcism into the mix. I want to fuck a women with my own equipment – which obviously wont be happening her at The only saucy date they can provided is one online for a fee and it involves you sitting into a dark room and nutting into an old towel before you take your sad lonely self to bed!

I tried to contact a fair few ladies that looked pretty decent, to increase my chances of a reply, and yep that’s right, get me some sex. A few weeks in, and I was positive that this site, although free wasn’t ever going to make that happen. The replies I did receive were from two rather attractive adventurous women both wanting me to watch them do various kinky shit in webcam shows for a fee. I declined. Don’t get it twisted, I love sex, sexy stuff and watching, but I’m not here to do that! I want a sex buddy. I want real sex with a real women, and I’m not paying for anything other than membership fees to join a reputable site (This is not one of them) to help me find like minded women that want to have casual sex on the reg. was a total waste of my time – if I wanted to participate in any of the ‘extra’ services that are plastered all over this site I would come back, but because I was looking to actually hook up with a women – I found that this site could not deliver!

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