Step 3 – Foolproof Strategy Use Multiple Sex Buddy Sites

Step 3The key to successfully hooking up and ultimately finding a sex buddy or 4, is putting yourself out there in as many reputable sex buddy Sites as you can. If you limit yourself to one or two sites to find girls to have sex with on the reg, then your chances are going to be limited, rather than going for Gold and create profiles everywhere you can. Seriously by listing yourself on more than one casual dating site, you are increasing your chances of hooking up – its that simple.

Getting laid regularly is something that’s always on your mind right? A sex buddy or Friends with Benefits relationship is an ideal way to fulfill your needs without all the drama and eventual trash talk, that goes on in a normal committed relationship. Like them saying you can’t have it because you haven’t been there emotionally for them, and why would they let you inside of them with your obvious straining hard-on if you don’t understand how they are feeling, as they storm away from you, which doesn’t exactly put you in the mood for the hot steamy sex that you’re not getting . You need to find the right girls to put in rotation that wont give you grief and WILL put out regularly.

There is heaps of online competition from guys just like yourself, and if you want to fuck someone, the chances of finding a friend with benefits on one site is less. Women usually only join one site, so by joining 4 sites then you can be sure you have covered all your bases.The more you’re out there, the more women are going to see your profile – the more chance you have of hooking up. There are different girls on different sites, thus more women to choose from.

*** IMPORTANT – Use a minimum of two sites but more if you can manage it.

Choose Between ONLY These 4 Sex Buddy Sites

#1 Socialsex
#2 XXXConnect
#3 Adultfriendfinder
#4 Eroticads
Don't Get Scammed

If you choose to (and its highly recommended) join more than one reputable and tested sites you will spend less time finding the right women instead of exhausting every possible avenue on one site and only coming up with a dozen maybe’s rather than 50, making it more likely that you won’t get laid and if you do, having no one else lined up other than the one girl who may not be available when you need her, because even if you find the right sort of girl for your sex buddy liaison, there can and will be times that they are busy, on their period or things might go south after a few rides and you’ll have to go hunting again. Moreover, you might have thought each other was perfect after a week of chatting online, and when you meet up decide you don’t want to go there. Its a fickle world we live in and your big toe might not match up to her high standards or she might have a slight mustache that never showed up in the pic that creeps you right out. So having multiple girls and sites going at the same time will ensure that your never left having to jack off (if you don’t want to) you can just call up one of your other girls and she can do it for you!

This is the reason you need a few backups (and why not, your not going into this looking for a serious committed relationship!) Casual Dating sites turns your sex life into an ideal situation by providing you with access to like minded women looking for some fun. This isn’t about Mrs Right, this is about banging Miss Right Now and then the next night a totally different MRN. Having a few girls on the go gives you variety and chances of getting sex when you want it. By joining more than one casual dating site when your looking for a sex buddy makes this possible.

These sex buddy sites are cheap to join when you take into consideration all the money you spend getting shit balls drunk at bars every weekend – buying drinks for bar creatures looking to fill up on free alcohol and then rejecting you for fuck face in the corner. Not to mention the clothes you buy to impress (but don’t) and the cab fares.

This is a game of cat and mouse or mice! To make your attack effective, you need to have shit going on as many places as you can. By having multiple profiles on different sites when looking for a friends with benefits relationship, means you will always have someone to play with.