Step 7 – Now that you’ve got her, Friends with Benefits: Top 10 Relationship Rules

Step 7So, you’ve managed to get what you want! A girl that wants to have sex with you, and you want to make it a regular thing! Getting this kind of arrangement (commonly known as Friends with Benefits) to run smoothly, needs some work on your part and hers to not get it all twisted up, and get feelings involved. We’ve come up with 10 rules to help you and her to make that happen.

# 1 The hangout rule!
You’re not in a relationship that requires you to watch movies over a nice home cooked meal or take your sex buddy for a drive down to the beach to witness the whale migration – you can still have things in common and make small talk after and before all the sex, but don’t hang out and do couply things.

#2 Don’t involve other friends!
This is the girl your sleeping with, not another bro or girlfriend so don’t meet hers and don’t introduce yours. If you do, your giving out the impression that this could happen again and often. Conversations will turn to “Oh remeber my friend Amy? Well she said that you and I would make a really great couple”, or “My friend Sally is going through such a bad time, her boyfriend is cheating on her. Would you ever do that?” And then your into something that you just dont want to have to deal with!

#3 The two hour time limit.
Less is more in this case. Be cordial, attentive, nice, do the deed and then organize your next hook up. Don’t pussy foot around with conversations about her dog, her family and what she’s doing when she leaves here – your on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know.

#4 Talk and text – what’s right and what’s not!
Do not call her all the time – texting is very non committal so stick to that where you can, if you have to talk, keep it productive about meeting times and places for hooking up. If you call or text all the time about general things like what your friend with benefits is doing this weekend and it doesn’t include her or just to say ‘have a nice day’, your crossing the line and turning it into a relationship. The more details you know about your sex buddy the more familiar you will become and the sexual feelings will turn into actual feelings.

#5 Email faux pas.
Don’t write descriptive emails about the dirty shit your planning on doing with her later that week – keep it short and sweet about meeting up. One or more of you might have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend or significant other and these messages could turn out to be ammo husbands are trolling for when she accidentally leaves her computer or phone laying around – and ultimately might be the end of your ongoing liaison should she be caught out!

#6 When your erect, you must protect!
Rubber up my friend! Nothing more horrific than your lady of lust turning into the the mother of your unwanted baby. Moreover getting an Email STD from your sex buddy because you wanted some skin on skin action.

#7 The dilemmas of pillow talk.
You wanted this situation and nothing will bring it down around you like revealing personal info about each other. Goals, dreams, and life expectations are all things that should remain a mystery when your coming down from your sexual high and feeling all dreamy and let your guard down.

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#8 Late night rendezvous a must!
Keep it straight. Late night hookups are ideal because there is no confusion about what your after. If you meet up during the day there’s a chance of hanging around longer than you should, or getting talking into grabbing a bite to eat after or before you’ve done the deed and thats just awkward!

#9 Say No to sleepovers!
Don’t stay over and don’t let her stay over, that’s what people with more than sexual feelings do. Plus the sleepover makes it awkward in the morning! Should you get her breakfast, ask her to leave? Does your breath stink? Is that what she really looks like without makeup? This is not a relationship its sex!

#10 Hit the ground running if there’s talk of more!
This is by far the most important Rule of the 10 friends with benefits relationship rules listed here. Its human nature, especially for women to develop feelings when they are having sex, even when you both agreed it would be all about the sex and pleasure. Most sex buddy friendships are ruined because one always develops feelings other than the ones between their legs, and the other one doesn’t. If your sex buddy admits to having feelings for you that goes beyond the FWB boundries, you should discuss it like the adults you are, and make it clear that your not looking for a ‘proper’ relationship and end it. If you don’t, then welcome to what we like to call a steady relationship, and be prepared for everyone to ask where you two met!!!