Step 1 – *TOP PRIORITY! Learn how to properly use sex buddy sites, and avoid the scams!

Step 1So, you’ve decided to find yourself a friend who will provide benefits like sex! There are plenty of Sex buddy networks, or casual sex dating websites (as they are more commonly called) out there who say they will connect you with sexy locals looking to hookup, but how can you be sure that your on a legit site that won’t use your ‘horniness’ to scam you?
I am here to prevent you from becoming a victim, and by victim I mean the guy who ends up with a recurring charge on their credit card with no sex to show for it. To start you need to know 90% of sex buddy sites are a complete scam, and finding out what is a legit site and what isn’t is hard unless you are properly educated and know what to look for. That’s why we are here to help you by providing you with a list of the sites that link you to women looking for a sex buddy or friends with benefits that we have tested ourselves and gotten results from, and believe me we have tested most of them good and bad. But before you head out to these sites we need to arm you with some tips to help you determine what’s real and what’s not.

Firstly you’ll get on these sites and be all star struck. So many women, all wanting the same thing, sex, sex, sex! And yes, you are here to provide it for them! But not everything is as it appears. You need to go into this process thinking straight. The key is not thinking with your dick until you actually have a date organized and she’s there sitting on your bed! You need to keep both your heads on straight to avoid being scammed by a sex buddy site, and it all becoming a waste of your time and leaving you with blue balls.

Three most Common Sex Buddy Site Scams To Avoid

Avoid Perfect 10s
The best advice here is to go with your gut. If it seems like a ‘too good to be true’ scenario, then it probably is. Okay, it is! No-one is perfect, especially not on a casual dating or sex buddy website. A complete 10, with brains, success and beauty, sporting a huge rack, a size 6 waist, with a degree in Astrophysics is not going to be on any of these sites, even if she is addicted to being pounded for 3 hours straight! It’s just not realistic. She will, and has plenty of guys lining up to have a ‘turn’ and wouldn’t need a sex buddy site to achieve her sexual goals and fantasies.

Profiles to eager to please you
The real woman on these sites are there for one reason, because they are sex starved. They are looking for a man who can satisfy THEM. If you come across a profile which goes on and on about what she will do to you it’s more likely and probable that identity theft has taken place, and there is some creep behind it all that enjoys messing with peoples heads. Or it could also be a prostitute or escort that will have you vibrating on your bed like a dildo on full speed, but then demand money once you’ve done the deed. Again, to weed these scammers out you need to be on the lookout for the “all about you” profiles. To a desperate guy that will do just about anything to get it in, it seems like a dream come true. Lots of suckers are willing to go with it just incase it pans out! It won’t! True friends with Benefits women are there to have their needs met, not simply to satisfy. They want to cum too, that’s why they joined the site and if they say otherwise its a scam!

Don't Get Scammed

Woman Looking For Travel Expenses
Women asking for travel expenses to get to you from some far off destination, or has asked you for money to buy sexy clothes to please you, are scamming you! Do not pay for travel to get a girl to you!
The online casual dating world is a mine field with dozens of hookup online dating scams, trapping horny guys looking to get laid. Trust your instincts and go to these recommended dating sites, which are all quality sites that have legit things going on leaving less opportunity to get scammed.

The online casual dating and sex buddy network world is a mine field with dozens of scammers looking to trap horny guys. Trust your instincts and ONLY join these recommended sites, which are have been proven to be legit. Doing so and you are guaranteed to avoid becoming another victim.

Recommended Sex Buddy/Friends With Benefits Sites