Your Place, Hers, Or Hotel With Your Sex Buddies…We Analyze The Advantages Of Each

Your-Place,-Hers,-Or-Hotel-With-Your-Sex-BuddiesThe lights come on in the bar and you have been having a great night with a hot chick. Things like this normally don’t happen to you. You aren’t the type of guy that takes things quickly. You also aren’t the type of guy that girls normally want to go home with right away. But, here she is staring you in the eye, asking your place or mine. It is decision time. If you take too long, either she, or you, may lose the nerve. You don’t want to have to think about it too much. If you hesitate she may think that either you aren’t interested, or that you are hiding something. So, when she says, “your place or mine?”, you better be ready. There are advantages to having a girl at your place, hers or a hotel. What is best for you really depends on what you want out of the relationship, how comfortable you feel, what vibe you are getting from her, and what your place looked like when you left. Here are the things to consider before you blurt out the answer.

Your Place
What was the state of your place when you left it? If you weren’t expecting guests, especially overnight guests, your place may be a mess. Not all guys are neat freaks, and if you aren’t, you can really leave a bad taste in her mouth, and in her nostrils. There are other things to consider like whether you live at home, or with a roommate. If you really like this girl and you want to see her again, it is important to make a good first impression. If you are only going to have sex once, then that may not matter too much. Other thing you want to consider is whether you want a stalker type girl to know where you live. Sometimes it is best not to give away secrets like location just in case, especially if you have a girlfriend or other person you are worried about.

Her Place
If you go to her place you better make sure that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, or an ex. The problem is that she may not always be honest with you. She also may not know that her ex is a psycho who watches her when she goes out at night to ensure she comes home alone. If you can’t get past first impressions and you like her, you may not want to go to her house. You don’t want to wake up and have changed all you think about her because of the condition of her room. You also may not want to know what she has been up to. Ignorance is bliss and you don’t want to awake to see that yours is not the only condom which has been used in the past couple of days. Some things should be left alone, and finding out her secrets early on, is not something that you necessarily want to do.

A Hotel
There is something very special about being in a hotel, but it depends on the hotel. If you want to impress her take her to an upscale hotel in the area. That is fine for a big city where cabs can take you where you want to go. If you think that you should take her to the red roof in, think again. That has “I think you’re a slut” written all over it. No girl is going to appreciate it if you drive her up to the roach motel. It tells her either that you are hiding something at your home, you don’t think she’s clean enough to spend the night, or that you are that unclean that you don’t want to take her there. If you are too eager and willing to take her to a hotel, it will also signal that this is not your first rodeo. It may give her the impression that you have been around the hotel block a couple of times, especially if you know the bellhop on a first name basis.