What makes the perfect Friend with Benefits

What makes the perfect Friend with BenefitsI have met some really great women online that have made the perfect sex buddies, on the other hand there are some women who seem ideal but just don’t turn out for various different reasons. Ultimately I am looking for great sex, and a women that wants to keep on coming back for more. I’ve had plenty of experience and I can usually tell weather it will work or it wont before we have even had sex. There are certain characteristics that a perfect friend with benefits possesses – these are not physical attributes rather things about them that make them ideal sex buddies. The women you choose to hook up with should have all of these qualities or your probably wasting your time.

1 – You find her physically attractive!
It doesn’t mean she has to be fucking stunning to every man that sees her – everyone has different tastes in women, just that you find her physically attractive. For example I like a dark haired exotic women with a nice ass, tits don’t really matter to me, but my mate likes a blonde with a big butt and massive boobs or he can’t get hard. When finding a friend with benefits she has to look attractive to you or what’s the point?

2 – She lives within a short driving distance.
The further away she is, the harder it is to get what you want, when you want it. Women who live close by make it way more convenient for you to meet up and get it on! I’ve been with women who lived a fair distance away, the sex was good but the relationship came to a standstill because neither of us was willing to drive such a long way a few times a week to get off!
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3 – You do not have conflicting schedules
Find a friend with benefits that is easy to get with. No point going to all the trouble of finding her if you can never actually consummate the sex buddy relationship due to conflicting work schedules. I work all day and have most nights free so I need to find someone on basically the same schedule as me to make this thing work!

4 – You are into the same things sexually
Being compatible in the bedroom is very important. Being attracted to someone is one thing, but figuring out that she can only cum with a dildo up her ass is another, and may be your deal breaker. Sharing your fantasies and desires early on and realizing your like minded in your quest for sexual release will confirm your in the right sexual relationship.

5 – She’s looking for something long-term but not a relationship
One night stands used to be fun, but these days I’m not going to all the trouble of wooing some chick for one night, its annoying and pointless. I want women who are interested in regular sex, so I actually save time and aren’t always looking to pull!