Everything You Need To Know About Friends With Benefits

Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Friends-With-BenefitsIf you have never heard of the phrase friends with benefits you have been missing out. Friends with benefits is a way to describe a relationship that is based on friends and sex. That is it. There is no “emotional” tie to each other, or obligation as boyfriend, girlfriend, it is a purely sexual relationship, but one that has mutual respect for one another, just a realization that you are not meant to be in a relationship with the other person, or ultimately that they are anyone you would be interested in long term. There are many people that you befriend throughout your informative years that you love, I mean “love” as a friend, but you wouldn’t want to marry. If sex is something that you both want to engage in and are okay with the rules, go ahead and have it. It is not only a safe atmosphere, but one which can be very educational.


When you have a Friend With Benefits, The Sun Shines A Little Brighter

There are many benefits to having a friend with benefits that are more than just the pleasure of sex, as if that is not enough. There are many things that you can gain from a relationship that is built around friendship, but without all the baggage of emotions, hangups about control, or family, or any of the other things that arise in a couple relationship. Above all there isn’t the same need to not embarrass yourself with a friend. If you are not trying to make a relationship, a loving long term relationship, with your friend with benefit than it is really just about being friends and enjoying the pleasure of sex. When you have a friend with benefits relationship you are able to ask the questions that you would not dare ask someone you are trying to woo or to make your girlfriend. In sex there is not a whole lot that is known about the opposite sex, or their likes and desires if you don’t ask. The problem in a relationship is that there is too much awkward fear of being rejected, or looking silly or stupid. When you are having sex with a friend, you don’t care about those things. It is a great time to figure out what the opposite sex likes. You are able to ask questions of your friend that you wouldn’t ask your love interest which means that you can gain the information that you may not have ever with your love interest making you a much better partner in bed.

Don't Get Scammed

The other benefits of friends with benefits is that there is no emotional baggage that comes along with it, or guilt at not being attracted or wanting to continue the relationship. There are a lot of times that people like the sex that they have in their relationship enough to continue on with it even when they are being taken advantage of or just downright not happy. Since there is no expectations about a friend with benefits you can have sex with them when you want and tell them no when you don’t. There aren’t any hurt feelings or fear of breaking up. It is what it is, a friendship that is based on sex, and pleasure, nothing more, nothing less.


Rules All Friends With Benefits Should Follow

If you are going to have a relationship which is friends with benefits there are some guidelines that you have to follow. The first is that you have to make sure that you are both on the same page. There are times when one of the friends thinks that in time it will turn into a relationship, that never works and always ends badly. Be clear about what it is and what it is not, and what it will never be. It is always best not to introduce any girlfriend or boyfriend to your friend with benefits. It can confuse the situation. Jealously is ugly and something that you may not even know will rear its ugly head until you see the other person in their life. Keeping your social lives separate, at least your sex dating social life is a good idea. Make sure too that there are ground rules about being safe and using protection, that is important no matter what type of sexual relationship you are engaging in. The most important rule…don’t ever bring them home to family functions. It is near impossible to not feel connected for the long term and in an emotional way once they have met mom. There is only so much you can do before nature takes over if you aren’t careful. Before long your friend with benefits will turn into a needy girl friend. For the most part there really is nothing better for a 20 something guy than to have a friend with benefits, and if you follow the rules out lined in this article as well as through out Friendswithbenefitsguide.com it should be mutually benefiting to both parties engaged.