Tips with Foreplay

Tips with ForeplayForeplay is necessary. Please don’t try and jam your hard pecker into your sex buddies dry vagina, or spit on your fingers for a quick lube job and think its okay! It’s not! It might work for a quickie, but do that too many times and you’ll be doing it alone to your own johnson like you use too do before you where lucky enough to find a friend with benefits! Women need a bit of ‘winding up‘ to work properly and if you know what your doing, it can be just as good as the sex that directly proceeds it. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you warm up your friend with benefits before sex.

1. Kiss her passionately!
A good kiss can travel all the way to a woman’s pussy and that is a FACT! I’m not talking about when you deep throat her mouth with your tongue, I’m talking teasing passionate kisses. Licking lips, touching tongues, that sort of thing!

2. Remove her top slowly.
Be seductive in your movements. Slow and steady, stare into her eyes, look at her skin and partially covered breasts as you lift it over her head. Let your fingers brush against her skin and nipples. Remove her bra in the same manner. This teasing slow undress will turn her on guaranteed.

3. Massage her gently.
Massage always leads to sex, but take it slow, don’t rush this step. Be purposeful and confident. Face each other and press her chest into yours as you let your fingers move up and down her back. Increase the pressure as you go until you reach that sweet ass. Lift her and wrap her legs around your waist and carry her to a desired sex location.
Don't Get Scammed
4. Sex her dryly.
The old Dry Hump” is definitely something that will get her hot and heavy and be straining to get both your pants off. This type of foreplay mimics sex as you grind on her, she can feel your erection and heat through the material and its sending her crazy.

5. Undress her quietly.
Every time you remove a piece of her clothes (should just be pants/skirt/shorts and underwear) lick or kiss that area. Pull her pants down slowly to different parts of her leg and follow with your mouth, nibbling and sucking and ultimately convey through this how sexy you think she is.

6. Rub her teasingly.
Instead of diving in for a piece of pie and devouring it with sucks, licks and nibbles, you might want to get lubed up and let your penis do the job for a change. Slide it up and down her clitoris, past her opening and back again. Maybe ‘accidently’ let the head slip in and take it back out and continue this until she is begging for you to fuck her!
Foreplay is such a great way to get primed for sex and ultimately ensuring that you’ll make her cum.