Signs Your Friend Is Flirting With You

Signs-Your-Friend-Is-Flirting-With-YouThere isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t been with a friend and gotten a strange vibe. Being friends with someone from the opposite sex can be confusing at times. The reason why people always question whether you can be friends with the opposite sex is because it is easy for the lines to get blurred. No matter how much you want to remain friends with someone, sometimes nature takes over. We were created to procreate. That is just a fact. If you have the feeling like a friend wants something more, there are sure fire signals that she may be sending.

Women are not as mysterious as you think. They are pretty predictable when you learn to really listen to what they are saying. Women aren’t like guys. What they are thinking comes right out there mouths. If they are saying that you are hot, they mean it. If they are saying they would like to get to know you more, they mean it. Don’t question whether you are hearing wrong. If you think your friend wants to have sex with you, chances are good that she does. If she is doing any of these things, she most likely wants to move out of the friendship zone.

She touches you when she talks
If a woman reaches out to touch you when she is talking to you, that means she finds you attractive. A brush of the arm, a touch of the shoulder, or the squeeze of your knee, is not just what she does. It is a way that women flirt with the men they are attracted to. If she is inadvertently touching you, it isn’t inadvertently. She is looking for you to show signs that you are interested in her as well. The next time she reaches out and touches you, touch her back. If she retreats, you will have your answer. If she doesn’t, you are probably headed for some great sex.

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She talks about sex with you
It may seem like she is just talking about sex. News flash, women don’t just talk about sex with guys. If she is describing sex, she wants to have sex. The reason why she is having that conversation with you is because she is fishing. Fishing is the way that a woman tests the waters to see what your response is. If you have ever had a woman say “how do I look?”, that is an example of fishing. When she talks intimately with you, she is fishing to see if you are interested in having sex with her. Friends with benefits usually start this way, so see where it goes.

Flipping her hair, or laughing excessively
Sure you are funny, but are you really that funny? If your friend is finding your conversation too entertaining, laughing at all of your jokes, or flipping her hair around, that means that she is interested in you. Those are all signs of flirting with you. She wants to make you feel good about yourself, so you will feel good about having sex with her. If you want to know if that is where she is headed, insinuate something sexual. If she continues to find you charming, she is telling you she wants to get together with you. If her laughing ends, you will know you actually were just that funny.

She talks to you about her current relationship
It is not uncommon for girls to ask your opinion about their current relationship, but if it sounds like she is trying to make you jealous, that is different. There are times when a woman feels a hint of attraction from you, and is fishing to see if you feel it too. She will talk about her doubts with her current boyfriend waiting for you to step in. If she is saying he may not be the one for her, and asking at the same time about what you want, she is trying to see where she stands. If you don’t feel that way about her, do the right thing and tell her she is right where she needs to be. If you do have feelings for her, suggest that there may be someone better for her…like you. She may be looking for sex outside of the committed relationship she is in. Who knows, she may be your shot at a sex buddy.