5 Things not to say if your sex buddy meets your ex!

5 Things not to say if your sex buddy meets your ex!There are a thousand plus things that could end in trouble if for some reason you and your new sex buddy run into your ex! For a start, if you’ve read our guide, and done what we’ve told you to do, this shouldn’t even be a problem. Sex Buddies are not girlfriends, they don’t need to meet your friends and they sure as shit don’t need to meet your ex. But not everything always goes to plan, and many random encounters and unwanted fucked up moments can and will go down. This article will help deal with this unfortunate situation, and hopefully if you handle it right, you’ll still have a sex buddy and avoid the wrath of your ex.

1 – Don’t share anything personal about your new sex buddy!
So your out for a cheeky drink with your ‘friend with benefits’ before you head back to her place to get it on, and ‘for fucks sake” there’s your ex at the bar with her cronies. She spies you and beelines for your table.
You should – Make small talk and try to get rid of her in a polite way, because this could be a fuck up! For real – DO NOT divulge to your ex that this girl is your sex buddy. Introduce her as your friend because not only will your ex loose her shit, and probably send you hate texts after the fact – you may not walk out of there with who you came in with!
It is somewhat fucked up to describe to your ex for both women involved, as someone that is only fucking you! Sex buddies know what they are – but they are still women, and women can get hurt and feel cheap when you blab like she’s not good enough to be your girlfriend or something. Even though she only wants this casual thing, she doesn’t want your ex to know that. Its best to leave your ex in the dark to make her own assumptions as to what’s going on – the less she knows about your life the better.

2 – Reminiscing over sexual adventures.
Do not bring up sex with your ex, or the sex your having with your knew sex buddy! You’ll look like a douche who’s trying to play both women against each other, neither of them will appreciate it, and no one wants to hear about what happened two years ago when you fucked on a beach or they way your sex buddy gives the best head ever – except maybe your buddies.

3 – Never ever say “I wish things could have been different!”
If you do miss your ex and wish things could have been different call her up at a more opportune time and let her know how your feeling. don’t randomly blab out you feelings in a crowded bar while your with another girl. Its a dog move, and if you can’t contain yourself, you will not get sex that night or possibly ever again! Don’t make either girl uncomfortable – and don’t let your ex have the upper hand over your sex buddy. She will not appreciate it!

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4 – Don’t mention great times in excess!
No Bragging – women hate it when they are in competition with each other and a sex buddy is no different, forced on them by you! Women are naturally competitive when they are with a guy towards other women that may not be over him or trying to let her (the sex buddy) think they may not be quiet out of the picture.

DO NOT SAY – ‘ oh this is my ex Ally – god we had some good times, shes so funny and interesting, did you know she just published a book and its on the best seller list – remember all those night we spent researching…’ and later tell her that Ally has written a book on BDSM and likes to be spanked really hard! Your sex buddy is not your new girlfriend she doesn’t need you to try and make her jealous, or feel awkward! She’s fucking you, she doesn’t need the deets she just wants sex! So cut that shit out of the equation!

5 – Don’t openly compare the two.
It will piss them off and they will hate each other and you for no reason. Your not with your ex for a reason, your screwing this girl because that’s where your at in your life. The comparison is obvious to you – you went out with your ex, you spent quality time together – your sleeping with your sex buddy – they are two totally different relationships and there are no comparisons, unless your comparing looks, and saying it out loud is a fucking death wish, not only to your mental sanity but to you penis, he wants sex and clouding the relationships is like owning a really nice car that you can’t drive – fucking useless!!!