Public Places, great for a Quickie!

Public Places, great for a Quickie!Sex in public places can be a real turn on. The mile high club, hand jobs in movie theaters and bouncing up and down jammed into the front seat of a car at Point Lookout, have all been done before – don’t get it twisted, I’m not ruling them out as options, merely trying to add to the list to broaden the horizons of your sexual expeditions!

Finding a women who wants to join you in this exciting voyeuristic adventure is only a click away if your linked to the adult finder sites that are all over the net. It has never been easier to find a casual sexual partner that shares your penchant for sex in public places.

1 – The Shopping Mall.
Ducking into one of the back service allies that you’ll find at every shopping mall, or popping into a change room at one of the larger stores or department stores is a great place for a quickie. Just remember to muffle those noises and be on the lookout for nosey shop assistants and box ladies going out for a quick fag!

2 – Empty University Classroom.
Most Universities have free lecture halls and study rooms that have been vacated after long seminars. They even list out front what’s to take place on any given day and can be a great place to get your rocks off between classes to add a bit of spice to your day!

3 – The Park.
Usually outdoor sex in such a public place will get you caught out by passers by, but if you play your cards right, you can find a secluded little nook to get down and dirty with your like minded lover. There are benches, logs and trees to hide behind to take you to the next level but be careful not to sit on something undesirable or getting bitten on the butt by an ant whose nest you’ve just used. Late afternoon and early evening are best!

4 – Downtown Train.
Nearing the end of the line when its not too crowded is a perfect place to get busy, however be on the lookout for cameras as lots of trains have security monitoring and the guard or train staff might be lucky enough to get a free show!

5 – Cemetery.
Its time to get creepy in the dark! Mostly deserted towards the end of the day, cemeteries are an option to enjoy some outdoor lovin, its virtually a ghost town!

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6 – Golf Course.
Instead of sinking the ball its time to sink the club! Golf courses can be packed out during the morning rush, but late afternoons find it basically deserted so you can get it on in a beautiful tranquil setting, but beware of the grounds keepers that might take offense to seeing balls that aren’t white!

7 – Coat Check Area.
Dive headfirst into the plush little nest considerate patrons have left so you can fuck in comfort! But beware of coat check girl who might get the shock of her life when she reaches in to retrieve what shes after but comes up with a handful of cock instead of a coat and screams the place down. Management wont be please to find that you’ve blown your load on someone’s expensive warmth and you’ll end up with a drycleaning bill that could have been avoided!

Sex in public can be fast, hot and exciting if your with the right woman and you’ll be conquering territory all over town!