Rules For Maintaining a NO strings attached relationship

Rules For Maintaining a NO strings attached relationship!Casual online dating sites are the ideal place to find a woman looking for a no strings attached sexy buddy relationship! They know what they are getting into from the get go and the relationship shouldn’t get muddied by feelings that weren’t supposed to rear their ugly head. However even though you stated that your here for the sex women have a tendency to fall for guys that are nice to them and insert things into their bodies!

A few months ago, I met a really great girl online at a sex buddy site and started a friends with benefits relationship. The sex was great but unfortunately she started to really like me and wanted more than I was prepared to offer. Maybe I didn’t play by the rules of casual dating and insinuated through my actions that I wanted something different. Needless to say it ended in tears when I had to tell her we couldn’t see each other anymore because I didn’t want a girlfriend.

To avoid this happening again (even though it still probably will in some cases) I come up with a guideline of things I should steer clear of and some rules I should follow when entering this sort of relationship to prevent giving the impression that it could be more than great sex peppered with random conversations and good times.

Rules For A No Strings Attached Relationship

Avoid Serious Discussion Topics.
Don’t go into deep shit that has happened to you in the past – uniting over failed relationships that has gotten you to this point (seeking out a casual sex buddy relationship) will only lead to fucking misery! She’ll think that you share a common bond and that she can help you get through it via her pussy and her emotional support that could lead her to believe that it could go further!

Play up your demanding Job!
Because your job is such a demand on your time, you cant commit to too much in advance – you need to take it as it comes! If shes available for sex when you call then great but don’t say in three weeks time I am heading out for a party and we should meet up after for some fun, wait till the day before and hit her up to see if she doesn’t already have plans or she’ll think your job demands and time limitations are bullshit and be calling all the time to see if your free. Explain the job demands early on and that you cant make anything official in case you need to work over the weekend or whatever and she wont expect to be around whenever she need you.

Choose meeting locations carefully.
Meet in casual environments with loud music and only commit to fun times. Do not accept invites to quiet, romantic or quaint locations that ignite her romantic side and finds you staring over a plate of cannelloni listing to the piano man play love songs.

Casually make plans.
Don’t be on the phone all the time divulging your specific location and time you arrived. She is your sex buddy she doesn’t need to know what goes down in your daily life and how you spend your spare time away from her. Set a date – tell her you’ll call her to confirm the day before and leave it at that.

Don’t get into any patterns.
Be inconsistent, make spur of the moment plans on different days and times of the week! Don’t meet every Wednesday and Saturday nights or she’ll come to rely on it!

Don't Get Scammed

Keep all discussion topics light.
Don’t share all your hopes and dreams, don’t tell her your innermost thoughts. These things can convince girls your into them. Don’t ask her personal questions just fuck her and be nice but not so nice that she realizes she in love and cant live without you!

Refer to the casual nature of the relationship!
Mention at random times how great she is for being open minded enough to maintain such a casual relationship. This impresses upon her that being casual is what you want and declares that your not interested in taking it further.

Keep your friends and her friends out of the picture!
Do not introduce her to your friends, do not add her on Facebook so she can see who they are and how you interact with each other, she’ll add them, and she’ll note every check in and map out all your local haunts and ultimately sneak her way into your private life. Be vague about when and where your fav watering hole is or she’ll just happen to turn up one day and force your hand. The same goes with here friends, do not meet them, avoid her fav hangouts that she will no doubt mention in passing or you’ll be meeting her posse and being discussed even more than you already are!