How to Meet a Sex Buddy Anywhere, Anytime!

How to Meet a Sex Buddy AnywhereSo you want to meet a sex buddy and you want to know how to make that happen! Basically women like sex just as much as men, but the dance you have to do before getting to that point (sex) is something that has so far eluded you. Some men make the huge mistake of being overtly sex driven in conversations with the opposite sex, and tend to make the ladies around them uncomfortable by delivering seedy one liners that will only make her role her eyes and walk away. Making conversations too obvious or by being seedy and down right filthy wont get the girl! This goes for casual dating sites or in person at your local gym, supermarket or bar. You need to be subtle and confident but don’t say “Fuck you’re sexy – you know you wanna screw me baby!” or “I’m looking for a sex buddy to pound out whenever I want” – unless your at a strip club, or you know the girl is a complete slut and this is just the sort of thing she wants you to say. But for the real sexy cuties that you know want a good fucking, but need you to be a gentlemen about it first (before she turns into a vixen that can’t get enough of your pecker” it’s not going to win her over, she requires delicate handling.

Outside of sex buddy sites where you know, that they know, your here for the same thing, it’s hard to determine if she’s up for a bit of fun without the commitment, or if she’s on the hunt for a soul mate. But the same rules apply to both situations (Finding a sex buddy online, or meeting one in person). You need to know how to bag the babe without putting your foot in your mouth.

All purpose flirtation is an art that every guy should master, and once you have you’ll have an ‘in’ every time. Here are the four basic types of filtering which you should master to meet and hook up with a friend with benefits. I recommend you try these out on SOCIAL SEX or EROTIC ADS These flirtation techniques have been proven to work on both.

Compliment: Complimenting a women is a sure fire way to make her notice what a great guy you are, women love to be complimented.

Rescue: Rescue her from the clutches of a guy that unlike you, is trying to pants her with sickening jokes and leering looks – she’ll thank you in the end.

Joke: Your jokes (read funny jokes) have to be funny, they can include an innuendo but not a seedy one. Be funny and cute.

Insightful Flirting: Flirting has to make her want more, use your quirk and whit to win her over.

These are 4 top ways to get this ‘in’ and then once she knows your a good guy she might just be willing to open her legs for you.

Don't Get Scammed

Flirting with a women with the intention of turning her into a sex buddy can be extremely fun, but like I said before, unless your on a sex buddy site such as SOCIAL SEX , you can’t ever be sure that your going to get what you’re asking for. Women on sex buddy sites are there because they too want a Friends with Benefits Relationship, but for those who aren’t, its not at all clear that your intentions and hers are the same thing, unless your flirting got her to the bedroom the first night you met her, thus setting a precedent as to how this relationship is going to be viewed. If she gives you her number and says call me, you have no idea if she expects you to ask her on a date, or she wants to get to know you before you fuck. Maybe though, don’t tell her the moment you meet or when you call her up that first time that your looking for something casual, you kind of have to feel her out before you can tell if she’s interested in a long term or short term relationship.

That’s why when your looking for a sex buddy, the quickest and easiest way to make that happen without all the messiness of not knowing is by joining a reputable casual dating site and using your masterful flirting to lure them in.