How to Keep Things Exciting with Your Friend with Benefits

-How-to-Keep-Things-Exciting-with-Your-Friend-with-BenefitsOne of the reasons many people choose to have sex with a buddy (Friend With Benefits) rather than entering into a romantic relationship is because it is all of the fun and excitement of sex without the hard work that a full-time love relationship entails. At least, that’s the goal… but even without the commitment part, if you’re having ongoing sex a friend with benefits, you’re going to need to commit to keeping things interesting unless you are ready to leave the benefits part alone and agree to just be friends. Even friends with benefits can fall into a rut that leaves sex feeling routine, and what was once explosively passionate physical chemistry can sputter into a dull and tiny spark.

Add Some Variety To The Bedroom

Use your imagination to add some variety to your friends with benefits sex life and things can continue to feel new and unexpected for much longer than they otherwise would. One of the easiest ways to add some zing to your sex is to vary the setting. What can feel like monotonous acts that you’ve carried out a dozen times before in the bedroom can feel daring and adventurous in a car, the woods, a public restroom, or any other setting where there is a slight risk of getting caught. Take your gal pal for a drive, and then have her ride you in your ride. Accompany her on a shopping trip and show her how much you like the outfit she’s going to buy before you leave the dressing room. You’ll both love the change of scenery.

Always Try New Things With Your Friend With Benefits

Try new things together. This should go without saying, but the key to being an exciting lover is new ways of doing things. Get a book on sexual positions and technique if you need some ideas. Test the waters with BDSM play. If she’s open to it, some props like a blindfold, handcuffs, and a riding crop can definitely bring back the energy of a new sex.

Bring in a new person or people. If you have fantasies about being watched, having two girls at the same time, or any other form of group sex, see if your friend with benefits shares any of those fantasies. If she’s game, you might be in for some fun like you’ve never experienced before. One of the added benefits of trying out these scenarios with your friend with benefits is that unlike in a committed relationship, ( Review Our Guide), there is less likelihood of jealousy arising from other joining you in bed. If you both end up liking it, there is always the possibility of more adventures down the road with having more than one person at once.

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Get Adventurous With Your Friend With Benefits

Chances are fairly high that if your gal pal is willing to have sex with you as a friend without expectations of a relationship, she might also be open to trying other unconventional sex adventures. This is one of the many reasons that friends with benefits oftentimes have so much fun together. It is also likely that if you are feeling like it is time to add some new things to your repertoire, she probably is, too. Talk to her about it and see if the two of you can have a brainstorming session to come up with a long list of sexual fantasies you’d like to bring to life. She may have some great ideas that you haven’t thought of, and you just might strike upon something that is a new idea to her that she would just love to try out.

Even if things have started to feel a little bit stale, the good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Sex is only limited by your imagination and the boundaries of the people having it. There are so many ways to have sex and so many places where it can happen; there is really no excuse for it to get old with your friend with benefits. While it may feel like work to be constantly coming up with new things to try, the research can be a lot of fun in and of itself. Once you’ve exhausted the things you can come up with on your own, you will find no shortage of ideas in books and online that will keep both of you coming back for more.