How to close the deal on a sex date!

How-to-close-the-deal-on-a-sex-date!So you’ve managed to make it past contact, she’s interested, your interested, and you wanna take it from talking to screwing!
The main objective here is to get the sexy minx that you met on a sex buddy site, to trust you enough, think your funny and interesting enough to climb into bed with you. You’ve chatted a few times and established a connection online, she gave you her phone number and you’ve herd each others voices, and now it’s time to meet in person. Do not expect sex on the first meeting. If it happens great, but I suspect she’s meeting up with you to make sure your not a complete nutter before she proceeds with ‘operation screw his brains out!’

You’ve arranged to have a few drinks to do this, and your hoping to take it to the next level if things go to plan. Check out these

Five tips to help you out on your sex date

1 – Safety comes first on any sex date!
The first thing you need to do is make her feel safe and secure in your presence. (Because when that happens its all systems go!) You should come across as interesting and exciting but safe. This is the main thing, because if she doesn’t feel safe because you have acted sketchy or said things that’s made her feel weird, she’s not coming home with you ever and she’s likely to be texting her friend under the table who is on her way to the bar to rescue her. Plus you should never expect her too do anything she isn’t comfortable with, ie. Don’t force her to come home with you, or make her feel obligated too – she might not be ready that first meeting. She’s checking you out, and if you want her to be a regular sex buddy, then be respectful.

2 – Keep alcohol to a minimum on your sex date
The 2 drink max rule is a good starting point for the first and second meeting. Just enough for you both to relax and not be so wired and lets face it, if you have to get her plastered to get her to suck your Wang or sleep with you then you aren’t really winning her over, your waiting till she has lost her faculties i.e. her normal way of thinking, before mounting her leg like a horny dog! Your basically relying on her turning into a inebriated slut who would do anything for a bit of cock a doodle do!

3- Be interested
She’s not just going to fall into your lap and start grinding up on you. This is not a strip club, your not here for a lap dance. Pursue her, go after her, win her over! Do not play hard to get, you’re here because you want to fuck her, and she wants to fuck you!

4 – Selling you!
This is an essential part of closing the deal (and by deal I mean winning her over with you charm so she takes her pants off and sits on your face!) You need to break through her defenses, relaxing her and attracting her at the same time.

Don't Get Scammed

You can do this by showing her that you are fun, interesting and a gentleman out of the bedroom. If things go well at the meeting, you can invite her back to your place but do not pressure her if she is hesitant to accept your offer.

“Come over for a drink?” is always good instead of “Lets go back to my house like you said you wanted to online!” if she says she doesn’t sleep with people that she’s only just met, tell her you don’t either. Your both obviously lying, but by doing the ‘Mating Dance‘ and respecting her wishes it will turn out better than you expected. This is selling yourself as a good guy – trying to grope her and change her mind when she doesn’t want too isn’t going to make her want to come back. No pressure relaxes her and establishes comfort!

5 – Things to do that will close the deal on your sex date
She’s interested in you, so how do you turn this meeting into a sex date or set it up for the next meeting. She knows your decent, you’ve proved that by charming her, making her feel safe in your presence and being interested in what she is saying, and not trying to get her shit faced.

Ignite her passions – if she’s talking about things she is interested in, share her enthusiasm and reach out and touch her hand over the table. She will either feel the sexual energy or she wont! By touching and making contact in a natural way, you are creating intimacy. The shoulders, arms and lower back are safe areas to focus on, but don’t do it for too long or two often. This says I want you, I want to be near you, I need to touch you! Women like men who know what they want, its very sexy!