How Not To Break It Off With Your Friend With Benefits

How Not To Break It Off With Your Friend With BenefitsIf you are finding that your friend with benefits has lost all its benefit you are probably looking for the best way to let her down gently. The problem is that she is still enjoying it. Making things worse, she may be starting to have feelings for you. That is the worst case scenario. If you are thinking that she is not going to give you up without a fight, it is time to dump her. If you don’t do it the right way, however, you can have a stalker in the making. The key to getting rid of your friend with benefits is to try somehow to maintain the friendship.

There are some good ways to end the arrangement, and then there are some that will lead to disaster. To avoid making her mad, because we all know hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

What Not To Do

Do not tell her you found someone else
Even if you want to end the arrangement because you found someone you like, do not tell her that. The key to making it an amicable dissolution is to make her feel like you are doing her a favor. There is nothing that is going to hurt her feelings more than finding out you found something better. Never use the excuse that you found someone to take her place, it won’t go well.

Do not tell her it is because you don’t like her
Even if she has turned into a major pain in the ass bitch, don’t tell her so. Again, unless you want her showing up at your house with a clever, tell her whatever she needs to hear to make it sound like you just like her too much to continue on with the fling. Saying it is her fault, or that you don’t like her personally, is going to make her mad. Avoid making her mad at all costs.

Don’t ever tell her it is because she isn’t good in bed
If you tell her that she just isn’t satisfying you, that is a big mistake. She was giving you sex for free, albeit bad sex, but if you tell her, you are liable to open up a big can of worms. Never talk about her sexual performance, or lack thereof, when you make the break. Compliment her and tell her she was the best you ever had if she asks. That is the only way to keep the peace at the end.

Don’t tell her she isn’t attractive
Even if she has gained twenty pounds since the arrangement began, don’t ever tell her that your decision to stop having sex with her, has anything to do with the way that she looks. If you make her feel insecure about how she looks, she is likely to try to beg. She will think that if she just makes herself look better you will be on board again.

Don’t say it is because she has become too attached
No one likes to be dumped, especially if it makes them feel stupid. If you say to her that you are getting rid of her because she was more into you than you were to her, that is going to start some sparks. She will most likely try to convince you that she wasn’t into you either. In the end you are just creating a situation that is going to make her upset. Even if she has started writing your last name as hers, ignore that when you give her reasons for the dismissal. Limit making her feel stupid, or insignificant. Those are the two worst things you can make her feel.

And finally, Do….

When you decide to end it with her, make sure to tell her that you really enjoyed the time with her. Tell her that you appreciate her, and that you want her to remain your friend. Tell her that you just didn’t feel right about the situation anymore because it wasn’t going anywhere, and you thought that she deserved more. The best way to make her a part of your past is by telling her you aren’t leaving her there. After all, she was once good enough to have sex with you, and kind enough to boot. Don’t forget that on the way out.