How Much Is Too Much PDA With Your F-buddy

How much is too much PDA with your F-buddyWe’ve all been there. There is no shame in it. There has been a woman at some point in time that just completely drove you crazy. Every time you saw her, you craved her touch, her kiss, her smell, her laugh and her everything else. When you weren’t with her, you repeated your hottest moments over and over again in your mind’s eye and then made up new ones. Her smell haunts you when she isn’t near and beckons you when she is. It is that all encompassing sexual desire that some women seem to possess. It goes above and beyond what you have experienced with other woman and you simply cannot get enough of her. Been there? Yeah, I thought so. If you’re in this situation, have been or will be, there is an important thing to consider. P.D.A. Public Displays of Affection. In other words, eww.


What Exact is PDA?

Public displays of affection or PDA, as they are affectionately known as, are any display of affection in a public place. It can include hand-holding, kissing, hugging and even petting or intimate touches. You might have a girl that everyone knows is hot as fire but you can only get away with so much PDA before your asked to leave wherever you are and most likely it will not be pleasant. There is a time and a place for everything and if people wanted to see other people make out they would sit home and watch Cinemax not go get a slice and a beer at the corner pizzeria. It doesn’t matter if you have been together two days or twenty years. If you’re getting stares and comments every time you’re out with your girl, chances are it’s not jealousy but disgust you’re the brunt of. Take a look at your behavior and evaluate if you need to reign in your inner Romeo until you’re in a more appropriate and private place.

We have it pretty easy in this arena in America. In 2007, Richard Gere attended an AIDS awareness event in India where he swept a Bollywood actress of her feet and kissed her face several times. He subsequently faced legal action in New Delhi for sexual misconduct. A few playful hugs and kisses are not seen as anything untoward in this society. However, even a simple kiss between long married couples has been known to cause a media frenzy as was the case in 2000 when Al Gore kissed his wife Tipper and the media deemed it a sensual, erotic and deep kiss. It’s all in the type of audience present.

When Should PDA Be Avoided

If there are children present or older people, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the PDA’s to a minimum. Stop it at holding hands and light hugs to make sure everyone is comfortable and you avoid long stares and rude remarks. Adult-only venues are a bit more open to PDA but even there it is best kept to short kisses and occasional hugs. Keep in mind that alcohol lowers the inhibitions and will often allow you to do things before you realize what is happening. When you’re drinking, remain mindful of your surroundings and the company you are keeping.
Bold PDA’s can also come back to haunt you, especially if you have been drinking. In this technologically advanced age, cell phone cameras are in every hand and you don’t want to be reminded of a drunken night’s beer goggle vision mistake every time your buddies get a wild hair up their ass. As we said earlier there is a time and place for everything. It also helps to remember, waiting is part of the fun. Anticipation can play a big part of sex between a couple. The small kisses and hand holding mean a lot more when you know what they lead up to later. Purposely teasing in inconspicuous ways can be an incredibly hot experience.
There are a lot of reasons PDA’s are a bad idea in general. Keeping it to a minimum avoids a lot of uncomfortable feelings all the way around. Use it to your advantage by building erotic tension in your relationship. When no one is looking, touch her softly on the butt or give her breast and discreet graze with your fingertips. These small moves make the socially acceptable PDA’s so much more exciting and fun. Studies into human sexuality have shown us that a longer, more drawn out courtship instills a longer interest in the relationship as a whole.


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