The Hidden Benefits Of Foreplay With Your Sex Buddy

The Hidden Benefits Of Foreplay With Your Sex BuddyFriends with benefits is one of the greatest arrangements you can make with a woman. It is not only an amazing way to get all the sex you want with no strings attached, it is also a great way to learn about what women like and how to satisfy them in bed. A friends with benefit relationship can have you learning all the tricks to satisfying any woman. Even if it is impossible for men to figure out the female mind, if you listen closely, you can totally figure out the female body. There are many benefits to foreplay in a friends with benefits scenario. Your first instinct may be to enjoy a quickie, but discount the hidden pleasures behind foreplay. If you want to get her ready to go, and keep her wanting to come back for more, these are the reasons why foreplay will accomplish all of your goals.

Find out about a woman’s body
Sure you are enjoying your friends with benefits arrangement, but there is going to be a time when you are going to want to take all that you learned and use them on someone else. If you use the time with your “friend” to learn about the female body not only will you provide you FWB mate the satisfaction she is looking for, you will be making yourself a hot commodity to women everywhere. By taking the time to use foreplay you are figuring out a map to the girl’s body and how to use it to get where you want. There are many erogenous zones on women that you may not be aware of. The good part about friends with benefits is that you have the time to explore what she likes without feeling insecure, or stupid. It isn’t as if you are trying to impress her, you are just trying to satisfy yourself and her.

Prolong the good feelings
A quickie is great, but it is 5 minutes and you are done. The longer you make it last, the more fun you will have. By using foreplay you are extending the great feeling. An orgasm may be the climax of sex, but the buildup is not forgotten. It is a part of the entire experience. By taking the time to pleasure her, you will be finding more pleasure for yourself as well. After all, what is the rush? Take your time for her sake, and your own. Women are not able to orgasm as quickly as men usually because they need different sensations and a combination of both mental and physical stimulation. For women the emotional tie that happens during sex is important. If you miss that component, it is going to be hard for the woman to get off. Only by making her feel loved a comfortable are you going to be able to give her the orgasm that she wants. Kissing her passionately or speaking softly to her are good ways to bring about an orgasm. It may take a little extra time but the good feeling is well worth both of your time and effort.

Want to really knock her socks off
Multiple orgasms are not a fantasy, or are they something that are rare to come by for a woman if her partner knows what he is doing. If you want to keep your friends with benefits coming back again and again, make sure that you are doing the things that will make you look good. When you focus on her it is entirely possible to give her more than one, two or even three orgasm. Women aren’t like men, they can recoil quickly. You don’t even have to stop for a while to reload; women are able to have multiple orgasms during sex without much effort. It will not only prolong the experience for you, there is something that is very powerful about being able to make her orgasm more than just once. It may take a little more effort on your part, but if you are willing to make yourself vulnerable by talking dirty, or doing those extra things to turn her on, you will be her star.