5 Reasons You Do Not Have A Sex Buddy

5 reasons you do not have a sex buddySad fact of the century: some men are still having trouble finding a sex buddy. It seems a bit crazy, doesn’t it? With the plethora of online dating sites, craigslist hook-ups and casual dating scenarios, it seems that there is ample opportunity for any red-blooded American male to get laid as often as he’d like. Not so, however. Sometimes the amazing amount of opportunity gets in the way. There are just so many choices for women these day, some men get overlooked. It has nothing to do with appearance, money or culture. It is all in your actions, words and mindset. There are certain small factors that any man can put into play to increase their chances at landing that big night.
Having ample but not abundant confidence is a big part of finding a sex buddy. Even if you’re new to the scene, you must exude confidence in the situation. Who me? Oh yes, I have done this a few times. If you appear to be in control and confident, she will have confidence in you. Be careful not to radiate so much confidence as you appear cocky or arrogant. This will have the opposite effect and you will more than likely go home alone. It is a fine line you must walk in this arena. Men often make the mistake of putting women on a pedestal and taking any amount of guff for them in the name of sex. This tactic is counterproductive. Women need strength and appreciate a strong man but draw the line when they become domineering or a push-over. They key is to be respectful, care for and protect her while she is in your presence, and then let her go her merry way when it’s all said and done. Be careful not to show jealousy or any type of ownership.
It’s true, we said getting a sex buddy isn’t about looks or finances but it is important to cultivate your look. It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars and include thousand dollar suits but you need to have impeccable hygiene and your own personal style. Don’t text her sexy hook-up messages all night and then show up at midnight in sweat pants, a stained t-shirt and pizza breathe. Just because it is sex buddy relationship does not mean you can toss sexiness aside. To the contrary, this relationship is mainly about sex. You’ll want to always look your best and above all be clean and freshly groomed. Showing up like you just rolled out of bed will get you kicked to the curb without so much as a peck on the cheek. It’s fun to have a trademark item like a hat or belt buckle, or a distinctive cologne or even a goatee that epitomizes your look and character. It links yu to her in her mind and she will think of you when she sees similar things on other fellas.

Loosen up
A sex buddy or casual sex relationship is all about having fun. There are no strings, no commitments and no answering to anyone. In this spirit of fun there are often other activities that go hand and hand with casual sex. Drinking, clubbing, bonfires, concerts and the occasional marijuana cigarette will probably come into play. If these are things you are uncomfortable with, a sex buddy probably isn’t what you’re really looking for. While it isn’t required to drink and smoke and party, it is important that you feel comfortable in these types of environments and can interact with everyone without judgment.
Sense of Humor
A sense of humor is absolutely necessary during a casual sex relationship. Emotional attachment is a big no-no so nothing can be taken very seriously. You can’t get you feelings hurt. You can’t fall in love. You can’t care more than you would for any friend. You have to be able to laugh at the world around you and take things in the relationship very lightly. A sense of humor is also essential in a sexual relationship. Making a woman laugh is a monumental step toward taking her to bed. A man who can make a woman genuinely laugh is subconsciously automatically considered as a possible mate in her mind. Laughter and happiness are very seductive. It feels good and we all like to be around people who make us feel good.
Take these ideas into consideration if you haven’t been able to find a sex buddy. A little tweaking here and there and you’ll soon find yourself in a hot sex buddy relationship.