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On June 26, 2013
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Ranked #1 Sex Buddy Site! Expect fantastic results on At Social Sex you will find a friend with benefits!

Sites such as lead the way, as the online hook-up and sex buddy world becomes more accepted. scores new members by the minute for minimal fees, and boasts a user base of millions. What does this mean for you? Lots of women to choose from, ultimately resulting in loads of sex. This easy to use, browser friendly website offers a database of women and men for you to feast your eyes on, with profiles containing pictures and information on what your possible matches are into, and weather they are looking for a sex buddy (friends with benefits relationship) or if it’s a one night only show. This is the fun part, browsing all the lovely ladies and finding out what they are looking for is like the foreplay to what is about to come. Social sex works because it has real, eager women who want casual sex. If you want results this website will get them for you.

The Five Point Review of Social Sex

1. Social Sex Members: The skinny on Real Vs Fake.

Okay, so there are definitely some fake profiles floating around out there on the Socialsex database which mostly get deactivated when complaints come in, however there are definitely not as many as you might find at the less reputable sites claiming they’ll get you hooked up in a casual sex liaison, only you never actually get sex, because the only girl that contacted you, ended up being a fake profile trying to get you to join another site. Socialsex has a very high success rate because it is a legit site, and if you’ve read and followed the part in the guide where I told you how to avoid the scams you should be able to avoid those profiles entirely, and you will also be able to determine the real ones, and get plenty of replies from real people looking to hook up!

2. Does Size Matter: The real size of the membership base.

How many people are there on Socialsex really, is what you need to know! literally has millions of active (in and out of the bedroom) members who are real people, looking to, and actually consummating casual friends with benefits relationships and hook-ups. The ratio of men to women is a notable feature that makes this site work. It’s really easy to find a lot of potential sex buddies or friends with benefits to make contact with on social sex, which is what you want. Yes, there are a lot of other guys trying to hook up just like you, some worth,y others won’t even come close sporting there attitudes, insecurities, ill used common sense, rats tails and complete lack of moral core to even get past the gate, so finding someone to hook up with once the herd has been thinned out,wont be as hard as you first thought.

Having a lot of members ensures that you will find someone and you will get laid. By messaging as many possible bedroom candidates as you can, your basically ensuring that you give yourself the best chances of securing a sex buddy, that and the fact that you have read our tips on the best way to approach these women.

3. Site Design and navigation review of

The design and layout of this online sex buddy site is easy to read,process and use. has loads of information available for you too look over in order to get better acquainted with the site. The profiles stock pictures and pertinent information relating to sexual orientation, needs, wants and desires, as well as location of potential sex buddy friends all this readily available at the click of a button making sorting out what turns you on and what doesn’t really easy. Once you have sorted through the list of potentials you can contact them via email or IM. You can send friends requests to the ones your getting somewhere with to personalize you experience and gets you better access to their profiles. You can block any ‘once potential’ sex buddies, but now possibly displaying designs of ‘a Lil bit o crazy’. Packed full of features, this site even allows you to leave notes that only you can see on each profile so you can recognize immediately what your last experience was like with them, either in the lead up to a potential meeting or after the fact, like maybe if you had a bad experience because she turned out to be a toe licking freak who needed to be bent backwards in order to cum, you might make a note of that so you can either ignore her all together, or dive in for round two, just incase it was better than you originally though!, Or great legs, nice ass – def worth seeing again. You know that kind of thing. gets a very positive review!
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4. Does Socialsex work at finding friends with benefits?

Of course it does! If you want a friend with benefits or sex buddy visit here! Armed to the hilt with everything you need from our 7 step guide, you’ll have no trouble bagging the babes. Once you have made contact with a genuine ‘I want hot sex’ women ( but usually more than one women to increase your chances) looking for some casual, maybe repeated sex if you play your cards right you can chat via IM with them for as long as you like to establish weather you want to share some pleasure, that coupled with the huge member base and the profile viewing and messaging potential you’ll be hooking up in no time. Social Sex is legit and not a scam!

5. Payment details

Yes, you have to pay, nothing these days is free except the huge amounts of sex you’ll be getting when you become a member. There not giving away stuff, this is a legit business and a great site to hook up. You pay your money – you meet women for $30 per month, you follow the guide to hooking up and yep that’s right, you hook up. That simple, and well worth $1 a day to have access to this! Social sex uses 4 different longstanding, and well respected credit card processes so you are in good hands. The charges will appear discreetly on your statement, and the name will change depending on the processor you use.

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