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Ranked #3 Sex Buddy Site! While there are a couple better options, AdultFriendFinder is definitely recommend! is a sex buddy site that promises Real People and Real Sex. Operating since 1996, they claim to have helped millions of members hook up. This site is different from other casual dating sites in that it incorporates many hook up options including those looking for sexy buddies, as well as doubling as a voyeurs wet dream, with explicit pics and webcam as some of the many features available at this ‘anything goes’ site. Adult Friend Finder is the host of all hook ups weather it be a sex buddy, or something different, has proven results, and even offers a free signup so you can see what’s going on before you commit.

The Five Point Review of Adult Friend Finder

1. : The skinny on Real Vs Fake.

You should be relatively safe in the knowledge that there are not as many fake profiles on this site as a lot of other pretend and poorly organized and run sites with fake members, numbers, and pictures, suckering you in for a fee that gives you no sex. However with so much going on at Adult friend Finder, there are bound to be a number of fake profiles. Escorts letting you see their pussy via pics or webcam for a few seconds to entice you into meeting them under the guise that they are in fact looking for a sexy buddy only to charge you a fee to service you. So you should be careful about getting tricked into anything precarious.

Your looking for a sex buddy and may find that some of the women that seem like candidates actually prefer to let you watch them online or view the previously created footage of themselves touching and playing for your pleasure. And hey, nothing wrong with showing off what you crave, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be, which is balls deep in that. Stick to the ones that you know are looking for a friend with benefits (because it says so on their profile) and you should be okay and definitely on the right track! is a legit sex buddy site!

2. Does Size Matter: The real size of the membership base.

With over 40 million members, all at different stages of their experience enjoying all the wonderful features, its safe to say there are a lot of suitable members for you to check out, making the likelihood of you getting some, huge! There are some great possibilities on this site and specific areas where you can go to hook up with women looking for sex buddies.

3. Site design and navigation review of Adult Friend Finder. is packed full of content and the features are basically endless. This casual dating site cum amateur porn site, cum webcam host, cum chat room also features a blog, and email options among so much more. The Profile area has heaps to offer in the way of functions, you can create a personalized profile and add all your deets including the fact that you are looking for a friend with benefits and even include pics of yourself , your manhood if you so desire, and just about any other pic you think might be helpful in scoring you a sex buddy. You got footage, maybe you want to include that too? You, and in return other members, can view and play with yourself/themselves over so much content you’ll never want to go anywhere else other than to bed to fuck or jack off over it all. Adult friend finder is even available on mobile so you can keep in constant contact with what’s going on in your profile and all the girls your keen to bang.


4. Does Adult Friend Finder work at finding Friends with benefits?

It claims to be the biggest adult sex dating website, but does it work? Yes it works! How do I know? It happened to me! You will find women looking for sex and a friends with benefits relationship, but its easy to get lost in all the features that they have going on within this site. If you want to find a sex buddy you have to be diligent and not get distracted by the hotty wanting to show you her goodies on webcam but doesn’t want to actually fuck you. However while your waiting for replies to the messages you’ve sent out to possible sex buddies (and you will get them if you have followed the 7 step guide) or having a slow night, its always useful for a bit of fun on the side.

5. Payment Details

At you can join for free! This allows you to create a limited profile so you can check out and view members profiles you may be interested in. This will help you to determine if this is the right site for your needs and has what your looking for, before you commit to paying for your membership which will enable you to send messages to possible sex buddies and use all the other features available on this site. The best part of all Adult Friend Finder has a money back guarantee if you call them within 30 days of signing up to a gold membership and haven’t found a sex buddy. They will refund 100% of what you paid! With a policy like that, you know this site is good!

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